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International road transport

Discordia offers international road transport of goods to and from all European destinations. We are a team of young and professional people that will go out of their way to provide the best services and most reliable and pleasant partnership.


Specialized Services

Our trustworthy and properly trained agents offer services for specialized transports, with owned or rented trucks, such as oversized or overweight loads, transports of dangerous goods (ADR) and controlled temperature merchandise.



Our main focus is transport services outside of Romanian borders. Our main destinations are: Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, England, France, Poland, Spain and other countries from Central and Eastern Europe but we also provide transport services within Romania.



Discordia offers a wide range of transport services that will help improve your activity.

International Road Transport

Discordia offers international road transport of goods to and from all European destinations.

We are trained to solve or even predict and overcome any problems that might appear in an activity that combines many variables and where problems occur often.

Specialized Services

We offer services for part and full truck loads, provided with our own truck or rented trucks.

We also provide services for dangerous goods, with trucks equipped with all necessary requirements of such loads and drivers trained to deal with these loads.


Our main destinations are countries from the European Union, we are mostly specialized on transports from and to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Poland, Spain.

We also provide road transport services to and from countries outside the UE borders for which we help deal with the customs clearance.

Our company also provides services for transports within the Romanian borders.


Discordia is a transport company focused on fulfilling all requirements of our customers and doing this is the most professional and pleasant manner possible.

Vision, Mission & Objectives


We strive to be the best partner for our clients and to offer the best services possible to those who trust us with their goods.


We aim to offer superior transport services by being a trustworthy and honest partner to our clients. We wish to be our clients top pick when choosing a company to deliver their goods and we are sure we can achieve this by our promptness, efficiency, flexibility, experience and willingness.


Continuous Improvement

Increasing Customer Base
Continuous Training of our Agents
Maintaining our High Level of Services

Company Profile

The company DISCORDIA SRL was established in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2008, as a branch of DISCORDIA PLC from Sofia, Bulgaria. Our field of activity contains international road transport and forwarding services.

We are a team of highly trained professionals that are flexible and able to adapt to all the specific requirements and practices of our clients.

Discordia is a young company, eager to develop, acquire further knowledge and competence and live to the expectations of our customers, as all client oriented companies are.

We always aim to be the best at what we are doing, always trying to improve our practices, finding new and better ways to carry out old operations and entering new markets.

We are a company that is centered on the needs of our customers and we do our best to make our partnerships as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Discordia SRL

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